Many homes in Columbia, SC have followed the hardwood flooring trend and with that trend comes the need to be conscious of protecting your flooring in the summer. Especially in our area, the sun and humidity can be fierce forces that work against both living and inanimate things. Particularly, high humidity levels and over-exposure to sunlight can cause damage to flooring, shortening the life of its durability and cosmetic appeal. Here are a few tips to protect your flooring in summer and keep it looking great year-round for many years.

Limit Direct Sunlight on Floors

Just as over-exposure to sunlight can damage your skin, over time, exposure to direct sunlight will cause hardwood flooring to fade and become discolored in those areas where it is exposed. It doesn’t take long for damage to begin, but protecting your hardwoods from the sun is easy! Be extra mindful about keeping blinds closed or curtains drawn when the sun is shining directly in. This will help you keep your home cooler as well.

Give Extra Attention to High-Traffic Areas

Since most outdoor activities are better had during summer, this is the time you’ll need to pay extra attention to high-traffic sections of your floors, like hallways and doorway entrances. Small pebbles and dirt can get tracked in, scratching the finish of your flooring and causing unsightly streaks and marks in those high-traffic areas. Therefore, you should clean up dirt and debris as often as possible to ensure your hardwood flooring stays looking vibrant.

Keep Water Off the Floors

Flooring tends to come into contact with water more often in the summer time, especially if you have children who love to swim in the pool or play in sprinklers! Make sure little wet feet don’t track water onto your floors as this can cause moisture to get trapped within the flooring grooves and underneath to the sub-flooring, causing swelling or areas that bulge. Even worse, sitting moisture contributes to mold growth in the home. Additionally, make sure to clean up any spills immediately to prevent the same damages.

These are the tips we recommend to our customers as part of their care and maintenance information after installing new flooring. So, while hardwood floors are quite attractive and generally last longer than carpet, you’ll need to do a little extra work to keep them looking great for years. If you live in or near Columbia, South Carolina and would like information about flooring, give Genuine Property Solutions a call today! Find our number at the top of this page, or click here to send an inquiry.