For those of us living in and around Columbia, South Carolina, proper lawn care is especially important as we start seeing longer and hotter days. If you take pride in and enjoy a lush green yard, you need to begin proper watering practices now to protect your grass from the scorching summer sun ahead. Here are three things to know about proper watering techniques that can save your grass and keep it looking vibrant and alive this summer.

When Is the Best Time to Water South Carolina Lawns

The best time of day to water lawns in South Carolina is in the early morning hours. Getting plants well hydrated before temperatures get very high allows for grass roots to absorb as much water as they need and gear up for the extreme climate ahead.

When you water your lawn at the hottest period of the day (between 10am and 4pm), you risk that water being evaporated or dried up entirely before the plant roots have a chance to absorb it. So try to get your lawn watered in the cooler hours of the morning, ideally before or close to dawn.

How Much Water Does My Lawn Need?

Most lawn care experts agree that lawns in the South East regions, including South Carolina, require about one inch of water per week. Why is it important to stick close to that recommendation? Because over-watering your lawn causes displacement of oxygen and thus death of the plant, while under-watering can force your lawn to go dormant and turn brown.

There are three ways to provide adequate water to your lawn. The first is to monitor rainfall each week. Pay attention to recorded rainfall for each day, rather than predicted. The second way to water your lawn is by hand using a garden hose, most ideal for South Carolina homeowners with smaller yards. The generally accepted rule of thumb for this method is to water your lawn once a week for one hour to supply one inch of water.

Is a Sprinkler System Good for Lawns in South Carolina?

The third method for delivering the right amount of water most effectively is to utilize a sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems, when installed and calibrated properly, distribute water evenly throughout your yard and require very little from you on a daily basis. For busy families with lawns of more than a half acre, this set-it-and-forget-it watering technique is quite efficient.

An irrigation system has many other benefits for our South Carolina lawns as well. Drip irrigation systems promote the growth of grass, while limiting the growth of weeds by targeting the roots of wanted plants, rather than just dispersing water over the whole yard. Sprinkler systems help maintain soil nutrients because you aren’t as likely to have runoff water as when watering by hand with a hose. And, of course, sprinklers save time and money watering larger properties that would take far too long to water with a hose.

So, if you’re new to South Carolina or simply wish for that bright green yard this year, make sure to follow these tips to keep your lawn adequately hydrated this summer. And if a sprinkler system makes the most sense for your lawn, give Genuine Property Solutions a call (803-834-4828) or email us at for a sprinkler installation quote today.

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