With the harsh winter season behind us, we’re entering the Spring and Summer, which brings it’s own varying climate conditions. To make sure you’re home is ready to take on the new season, it’s a great idea to evaluate all the areas of your property that worked hard, or experienced tough weather conditions, during the winter.

Some of the things on this checklist you should be able to inspect and possibly perform maintenance on yourself. Of course, at Genuine Property Solutions (GPS), we have experts for virtually every aspect of home and property maintenance so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help! As you assess your property, make a Spring home maintenance to-do list for your professional handyman to take care of.

Here are a good majority of the maintenance tasks you should perform around this time every year. Knowing the condition of your home and property and maintaining proper upkeep goes a long way in ensuring the longevity of your bome.

Change air filters

Check all air filter vents in your HVAC system and replace the filters. You don’t want your air conditioning unit to have to work even harder this summer by pushing through a dirty filter. *Remember to check the size of the filter before going to the store for a replacement!

Consider getting an automated thermostat

If you’re at all concerned about saving money on your electric bill this summer, look into the new smart thermostats, which adjust temperatures to your desired comfort level when you’re home and conserve energy when you’re not. Call us today at 803-834-4828 to schedule your thermostat installation!

Clean refrigerator coils

Located on the bottom or back of most refrigerators are cooling coils that should be cleaned every six months. When clogged with dust and hair, these coils get hot, causing excess energy to be used and therefore your electricity bill to rise by as much as $10 every month. Definitely add this one to your list of repairs for your GPS Handyman and save yourself pizza money every month.

Gutter cleaning

Since your home’s gutters serve to protect your roof, walls and foundation from water damage, you should inspect them quite often. To maintain proper water flow and prevent roof leaks and other types of water damage, clear away areas with debris (leaves, sticks) build up. Performing this home maintenance task will also deter pests from bedding in your gutters, the growth of mold and bee or wasp nests.

Roof inspection

While you’re assessing gutters, check your roof for damage, missing shingles or green or black stains. These types of repairs should be addressed sooner rather than later to ensure the full lifespan of your roof! Give our Roof and Gutter division a call for assistance with these tasks.

Clean out dryer lint vents

Another way to conserve energy and thus save money is by regularly cleaning out dryer vents. Apart from removing accumulated lint, scrubbing the mesh lint trays from inside the dryer is necessary to remove built-up oil residue from dryer sheets.

Other tasks that are necessary, but may require a professional handyman are:

  • HVAC maintenance
  • Water heater and furnace maintenance
  • Attic and basement inspection and possibly mold removal
  • Pressure washing decks, exterior of home and driveway
  • Pool maintenance

Contact our friendly staff about your Spring Handyman To-Do list and we’ll make sure you’re home and property is in excellent repair and ready for the new season!