When a customer calls us and tells us they wish to get a quote on a bathroom remodel, we usually ask a few questions just to clarify that they indeed want a remodel quote and not one for a renovation. The two terms, remodel – renovation, seem to be used interchangeably and yet there are many differences between them. In this post we’re addressing these differences and what is technically entailed in bathroom renovations and remodels.

Think Renew When You Think Bathroom Renovation

To renovate is to renew and when we’re talking about a bathroom renovation we’re usually meaning to gut and redo the room. This would include updating/installing new tubs, showers, sinks, vanities, tile, toilets and flooring. We’d also address other features like light switches, towel bars, ventilation and lighting.

This is the time when electrical and plumbing would be assessed and repaired or redone. And it’s not uncommon for us to find that older homes have rooms on the same electrical circuit as the bathroom. So it’s imperative that during a bathroom renovation, we bring the bathroom’s electrical to standard code for Columbia, South Carolina.

Along the same lines, we often find that bathrooms in older homes lack shut-off valves for the tub and sink. Again, bringing the home to code as far as bathroom plumbing goes is one of our first priorities. Doing so ensures that the homeowner has measures to prevent indoor flooding and ultimately protect their investment.

When You Think Bathroom Remodel, Think Redesign

More than just a gut and upgrade, a bathroom remodel can involve a different layout, relocation of bathroom features, expansions and major upgrades like installing a sauna, whirlpool or walk-in shower. We’re talking about removing walls, adding windows, anything beyond simply replacing bathroom features.

Additionally, when our remodeling pros are performing a bathroom remodel or renovation we’re keeping a close eye out for signs of mold. Mold is extremely dangerous to your health and can grow any place there is moisture-what better place than the bathroom! Not to worry though, we’re also EPA certified for mold removal and abatement and will deal with mold concerns right away. Check out our post about mold when you’re done here!

So if you’re thinking about removing a wall to expand your bathroom to include both a walk-in shower and a whirlpool tub, a bathroom remodel is what you’re looking for. On the other hand, if you need old toilets, sinks and tubs replaced, a bathroom renovation is what you’ll request when you submit a work order to us.

All that being said, we know it’s not your job to know the difference between the two terms, its ours or whichever contractor you use to handle the job. And you may find that these terms are still used interchangeably even by professionals! Just make sure that you’re clear about which type of bathroom changes you wish to make.

If you’re in the Columbia, South Carolina area and are interested in more information and assistance with a bathroom renovation or a bathroom remodel, give us a call at 803-834-4828 . We’re always happy to help!