With July 28th being World Natural Conservation Day, we’re all inclined to be more aware of our energy and water usage. And the most obvious place to make some changes are within our homes, which over time become less and less energy efficient. So, for homeowners concerned with doing their part to conserve our natural resources, we wanted to share a few plumbing tips that will improve your home’s energy-efficiency.

Replace Faucets and Shower Heads to Reduce Water Flow

Over time, the small working parts of faucets and shower heads become worn out and contribute to increasing water usage. We recommend replacing them with low-flowing aerators and faucets that reduce water flow, while maintaining optimal water pressure. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t notice much difference when you turn them on, but you will be using less water with each use. And when you’ve replaced all of the faucets in your home, you’re going to see your water bill go down too.

Install Low-Flush Toilets

You can save as much as 20% on energy consumption by switching to low-flow or low-flush toilets. These toilets use 4.8 liters of water (or less), while conventional toilets use more than 6 liters per flush. Additionally, these low-flow toilets can either use single-flush action or dual-flush which further reduces the amount of water used on each flush. The EPA claims that US homeowners can save around $90 per year by switching to the low-flush toilets.

Insulate Your Plumbing System Pipes

Insulating the pipes of your plumbing system is one of the cheaper hacks we suggest all homeowners do. By insulating your pipes, water temperature is maintained much better than it is in bare pipes and goes a long way in conserving energy usage. We recommend hiring a local plumbing technician for this task. *Genuine Property Solutions serves home and business owners of Columbia, SC and nearby cities.

Replace Old Appliances with Energy-Efficient Ones

Although replacing big appliances like dish washers and washing machines is a more costly course of action, you’ll immediately start conserving water and see a return on such investments in the long run. Newer home appliances are designed with energy-efficiency in mind and therefore use much less water to perform their functions as well eliminating used water more efficiently. Look for Energy-Star labeled appliances for the best standard of water and energy conservation.

Final Plumbing Tips to Conserve Water and Energy:

We also recommend homeowners to look into the benefits of a Home Maintenance Plan, which should include your home plumbing system. If you live in Columbia, SC and are interested in finding out more about our Home Maintenance Plans or ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, give us a call today at 803-834-4828 or click here to request a work order.