Genuine Property Solutions provides handyman services to homes and businesses in and around Columbia, South Carolina. Jonathan, the owner of GPS, has over 20 years of experience in the construction trades and the GPS staff has over 100 years of experience! The Handyman division of GPS consists of a team of friendly, highly skilled professionals who are ready to help you understand each step involved in your home or office repair tasks and then carry out those tasks most efficiently.

GPS Will Handle ALL of Your Small Home Repairs

The term handyman refers to someone (or a team of people) skilled in all different types of repair needs. Therefore, essentially all small home repairs should be included in the services your local handyman provider should offer. The Handyman division at GPS has grown a team capable of handling all types of home repairs from plumbing repairs, electrical issues, drywall repairs and even appliance repairs. (See a more in depth list of GPS Handyman services here)

We understand that homeowners don’t always have the time and know-how to cost-effectively complete every small home repair that comes up. For those issues, we urge you to give us a call and see how simple and affordable it is to hire our Handyman team!

The GPS Handyman Team Works for Business Owners Too!

If you’re a business owner and work out of a warehouse or office space, you’ll likely be met with repair needs as well. Fortunately for you, GPS Handyman services extend to business owners too! We’ll make sure your plumbing, electric, heating and cooling issues are resolved quickly so that your business can continue operating smoothly for both employees and customers. Don’t worry, our team strives to be tidy and professional as they work out of respect for your business and customers.

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Don’t waste your valuable time looking for individual qualified contractors. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a friend who “thinks he knows what to do”! Save time and money by selecting the right handyman for the job. The first time. If you’re located near Columbia, SC, hire GPS and know that when any home or office repair work is needed, we’ll take care of you. And our competent, reliable technicians will treat your home or business with the same care and respect as if it were their own!

A Final Suggestion:

Our customers are finding real value in participating in our Home Maintenance Plans, which cover nearly all home repairs for an affordable monthly fee. We encourage you to call us at 803-834-4828 today to learn more!

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