If you own your home, chances are you’ve run into a home repair that cost you a big chunk of change. Even when you do your best to maintain your home and property, things happen. But it doesn’t have to blindside you and it doesn’t have to cost you greatly. Take a look at what investing in a Home Maintenance plan can do for your peace of mind and your wallet.

Home Maintenance Plans, A Good Fit for Working Families

When you spend all of your time working and tending to a busy family, little home repairs can take a back seat on your list of priorities. Unfortunately, it’s often those little things that lead to bigger problems. For example, a slow leak under a sink that goes on undetected for some time can rot the cabinetry underneath or even worse, attract the growth of mold. Not only is mold being inside your home toxic for your loved ones, but it can be quite costly to remove. And then, you still have to repair both the wood under the sink and the leak!

With a home maintenance plan, a professional is regularly checking for things like leaks in order to make repairs before bigger problems can arise.

Home Maintenance Plans Eliminate Repair Hassles

If you’ve ever had to make an electrical or plumbing repair, you know that finding a good company to assist you is time consuming and sometimes companies are misleading, unprofessional or not able to help you immediately. Furthermore, these companies charge an initial diagnostic fee (anywhere from $50-$100), whether they make the repair or not. And then, they charge separate fees for materials and the number of hours a technician spends making repairs.

But when you’re covered by a home maintenance plan, there is much less stress on you. You won’t be endlessly calling multiple companies trying to find someone available, affordable or knowledgeable. And often times you’ll spend much less too on repairs that are covered in your agreement.

Home Maintenance Plans Are Affordable

Can you afford to replace your AC unit right now? Instead of dumping their savings on replacements, responsible homeowners choose to invest in regular home maintenance plans, which cost a tiny fraction of what it costs to replace big items like an AC unit. Most families find that these types of maintenance plans are indeed affordable and well worth the peace of mind!

Genuine Property Solutions is proud to be the only company in Columbia, SC that provides homeowners with the option of investing in a Home Maintenance Plan. If you own a home in or around Columbia, South Carolina, let GPS give you and your family peace of mind with a Home Maintenance Plan you can afford! Our friendly team of technicians are capable of dealing with any home repair that comes up, so you don’t have to. Call us at 803-834-4828 to discuss the different plan options, fees and procedures. Or submit a work order here.