In addition to general home and property repairs and renovation requests, at Genuine Property Solutions we work with homeowners to update, remodel and improve the overall appeal and value of their homes. We also work closely with real estate agents who want to help their sellers increase their home’s value. They tell us that Columbia, South Carolina’s housing market is quite competitive and home buyers are looking for up-to-date, energy efficient homes that offer both attractive design and cost-effective functionality. To get there, home owners find that making just a few, low cost improvements to their homes, really pays off when they go to sell. Here are 6 home improvements that add value to your home and increase potential profits.

Kitchen Remodeling

Since the kitchen is one of the biggest selling points for any home, that’s where a lot of home owners choose to focus first when looking to add value to their home. By updating kitchen appliances and adding a fresh coat of paint, HGTV says you could expect to see a return of 60-120% of your kitchen remodel investment!

Experts warn, however, not to go overboard with the kitchen remodel. Buyers don’t want a lavish kitchen design that feels out of place in an older home. Instead of trying to make your kitchen look like that picture in the magazine, focusing simply on bringing color and energy efficiency to an older, dark kitchen can go a long way without throwing off the feel of the home.

Installing Energy-Efficient Windows

We’ve recognized that homeowners and home buyers today want a home that is as energy-efficient as it can be. For older homes, this means replacing drafty, single-pane windows with Energy Star-rated windows. Energy Star says you can save as much as $500 per year by switching to their Energy Star-rated windows. And according to HGTV, you may recoup 60-90% of your investment.

Not only does adding energy-efficient windows increase your home’s value, but you could also receive a tax credit, called the green energy tax credit. To learn more about how much you could recoup from replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones, visit this website and search windows.

Enhancing the Outdoor Living Space

Buyers are drawn to backyards that offer a space for entertainment. Whether that’s a full size deck, gazebo or covered porch, improving the outdoor living space can make your house more appealing and improve its overall value. Fortunately, adding a deck (or any backyard feature) doesn’t have to cost a fortune and HGTV claims that you can expect to recoup anywhere from 65-90% of this investment as well.

Bathroom Additions

Perhaps the second best home improvement project that can add value to your home is a bathroom addition. HGTV says you could expect a nice return of 80-130% of the cost spent on adding a bathroom.

To start, you’ll need to find some extra space in the home that can be transformed into a half or whole bath. Closets or spaces under staircases can be used for half baths where you need a minimum of 18 square feet. Underutilized and extra rooms with a minimum of 30 (or 35 if you want a bathtub) square feet can be made into a full bath.

Reinventing Rooms

By finishing a basement or converting an attic into a bedroom you can add square footage to your home and increase its value without incurring the high costs of an actual addition. Basements and attics can be made into game rooms, second living rooms or small apartments that can be rented out. By finishing an already existing space, you invite buyers to “imagine the possibilities” that otherwise wouldn’t be as apparent.

Energy Saving Insulation

Often times, older homes have below-standard insulation, if any, and therefore incur higher costs in energy for the home owner. For this reason, home buyers are advised to choose a home with energy-efficient insulation in place. For home owners in Columbia, SC, Genuine Property Solutions can easily make this home improvement by installing spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation can cut energy costs by up to 40%, an attractive selling point for homeowners and real estate agents.

For all of your home improvement projects, Genuine Property Solutions will be there every step of the way. We know getting these projects done in a cost-effective manner is key and we keep that in mind as we help customers add value and integrity to their homes. So if you’re interested in making any of these, or other home improvements, give us a call today at
803-834-4828. Or, submit a work order request here.